Representations of Discrete Functions
Tsutomu Sasao and Masahiro Fujita (e.d.)
May 1996.


Chapter 1    Graph-based representations of discrete functions,
             Shin-ichi Minato 

Chapter 2    Representation of logic functions using EXOR operators,
             Tsutomu Sasao 

Chapter 3    Spectral transforms decision diagrams,
             Radomir S. Stankovic, Tsutomu Sasao, and Claudio Moraga
Chapter 4    Multi-terminal binary decision diagrams and 
             hybrid decision diagram
             E. M. Clarke, X. Zhao and  M. Fujita

Chapter 5    Edge-valued binary decision diagrams,
             Sarma B. K. Vrudhula, Massoud Pedram, and Yung-Te Lai

Chapter 6    Arithmetic transform of Boolean functions,
             Jawahar Jain 

Chapter 7    OKFDDs: Algorithms, applications and extensions
             Rolf Drechsler and Bernd Becker
Chapter 8    Exact minimization of fixed polarity Reed-Muller expressions 
             using multi-terminal EXOR ternary decision diagram,
             Tsutomu Sasao and Fumitaka Izuhara

Chapter 9    Multiple domain logic synthesis,
             U. Kebschull, J. Bullmann
Chapter 10   Satisfiability problems for OFDDs  
             Ralph Werchner, Thilo Harich, Rolf Drechsler, Bernd Becker

Chapter 11   Complexity theoretical aspects of OFDDs,
             Beate Bollig, Martin Lobbing, Martin Sauerhoff and 
             Ingo Wegener
Chapter 12   Ternary Decision Diagrams and their applications
             Tsutomu Sasao

Chapter 13   OR-AND-OR three-level networks
             Tsutomu Sasao